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February 23, 2012
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Tonto by Comickit Tonto by Comickit
One of my old old old characters, originally an RP character.
his name is obviously Tonto
pretty much this man name Fredrick an expert on spiders and other creepy crawlies was cursed by a weirdo monster guy when he accidently woke him while trying to find a rare species of spider in south america, the spider he was looking for worked like an ant colony rather than a lone predictor making huge elaborate black spider silk nests. the curse was weird; Fredrick turned into a skeleton but he was still conscious ans could think, but he couldn't move or talk because well he was a skeleton. but he was holding a spider at the time the curse was being set on him so in a bizarre twist he could move in the spiders body and think in two minds at once, over time he spun an entire web around the bones with the help of his followers (other spiders of the same species) now is spider brain works the bones like a puppet using his eight legs to control different limbs.
his spider brain is of course in the empty space of the skull.
he seeks the monster who did this so he can get the curse lifted. though the spider instincts get the best of him turning him into a blood craving lunatic sometimes.
He calls himself Tonto because it sounded cool :/ iunno i'll get to that later/

anyway working on an alternate universe to my original world xD
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