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do you know how hard it is to draw without thumbs


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I'm Kit, use he/him pronouns please.
i'm just a chill art hobbyist with a big personality.
I'm 22 years old, My sign is Cancer, I'm an INFP.
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QueenKomic Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I'm so sorry about everyone misgendering you and treating you horribly omfg
GainsboroKatrina Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey I was a big fan of your's a long while ago and it makes me so sad that people are bitching on your page and misgendering you. I'm so fucking sorry. 
I was wondering why I couldn't find you anywhere on deviantart and now I realize why, and I'm so sorry for all the shit you go through. 
I used to love your creepypasta comics, but I realize that you've moved on to things you actually enjoy rather than indulging in past fantasies.
I respect this and hope for the best, and I'm so, so fucking proud of you and your aspiring art.
I don't know if you still use this account, or if you'll even see this. 
But I hope I can be that one comment that doesn't shit all over you for what you've changed into. 
I highly respect your decisions and your art has become so wonderful. 
And I hope you continue drawing whatever you wish to draw despite what people say and/or think. 

Again I am so sorry for all the assholes who constantly shit all over you because that's just so fucking tiring and it gets so old so fast. 
LittleGothKitten Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015
"Shit all over you"
It was only me who made a comment like that. And that wasn't even shitting all over his page. I didn't even insult him. I don't misgender him. 
No he didn't even change for the good. He thinks he became a special person now but he's not special. He's just the typical tumblr feminist now. And this is his page's comment section so I can say what I'm thinking of him now. 
Because this is why comment section is there.

Stating an opinion without insulting,cursing,misgendering him shouldn't make me an asshole 
GainsboroKatrina Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Student General Artist
No others misgendered him. Read some of the comments that involve "she." 
Also the fact that you're getting offended by this only proves my point? 
He doesn't think he's special, you can't just assume that by his actions. 
He might have a major low self esteem issue for all you know.
You're making a lot of assumptions without really getting to know him. 
Which is what makes you an asshole. 
How can you state an opinion that is unjustified and has no fact behind it? 
He might not take your comment as opinionated criticism, he might take it as an insult.
That's exactly why I used the phrase "Shit all over you." 

And if you were really stating an opinion, you wouldn't get offended at my opinion. 
I wasn't calling you an asshole, I was calling most of the comment section an asshole. 
B/c I saw that the first page of the comment section was filled with assholes complaining about how he took down the comic. 
And then you called him a "typical tumblr feminist" which is misogynistic and rude. 
Who cares if he's a tumblr feminist? People like you is what makes him a tumblr feminist. 
People like you is what probably made him take down most of his old art. 

He's not getting that good of feedback lately and I just wanted to give him support for his art.
That's my opinion, sorry but you're not going to convince my opinion to change.
I'll respect your opinion if you truly want me to but I won't agree with it and I'll still see it as insulting to his esteem. 

But stop making assumptions and going on about how he thinks he's so special. 
I'm pretty sure he is well aware he is one of the many that inhabit this Earth. 
That his individuality is on the brink of extinction due to people stereotyping him into groups like you're doing. 
Sorry but my statement still stands from the verbatim message. 

That's just my opinion. You have your's, I have mine, and I just happen to disagree with your statement. 
As I do with most people's on the front page of the comment section.
And I bet if I delved deeper onto the other pages I'd find disagreement with most of the comments. 

Deviantart used to be a safer place when I was 13, but I'm about to become 17 and it's just this big place filled with assholes 
who just want to constantly make assumptions about other people's lives.
Tumblr is far better than Deviantart. Tumblr is shit, yes, but it's still better than DA. 
B/c people who constantly are miseducation and have no social capacity just hate and meander all over other people.
There is rarely a good comment on DA. Which is the difference between DA and Tumblr. 
At least on tumblr there are the few select "good" people. You have to wade through the assholes and dicks like you do on omegle but they're still there.

I don't know I just really think that this artist needs more positive reviews and opinions.
And your opinion is negative, and I don't agree with your feedback.
So I made a counter statement, hoping to appeal to this artist. 
My counter statement wasn't for you to read. 
I could have made it a note but then it wouldn't be a positive feedback on his front page.
And that's what I wanted. 
Some positive feedback for him. 

I don't care if you respond with more negative feedback, and I probably won't respond unless you make actually good points that I can counter. 
But for the most part I just don't see why you take offense to this. 
B/c again, you're bashing on his lifestyle choices, calling it an "opinion" and then stating you weren't insulting him. 
If it was constructed criticism you would've cited examples as to why he was this or that, instead of making assumptions and having others combat against your opinion. 
Next time word it in the way of constructed criticism, or stop claiming it's just an opinion and not insulting. 
B/c it is insulting. 
You're not helping anyone.
How is he supposed to assume what you're talking about? 
What instances make him x y or z? 
You're not helping him grow as a person you're calling him a hopeless case of an artist and a person. 
Which doesn't help anyone.
It isn't criticism.
It might be an opinion but it's an insulting opinion. 
And of course you were going to be called and asshole for it. 

It's just that simple. 
Dusk-deerfluff Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
I called him a she because I never seen their page showing before that they prefer he/him pronouns. I recently seen that, so I never did it on purpose. I have a lot of transgender friends and I would never misgender anyone on purpose.

Just putting that out there since you probably seen my comment, and I'm seen as a bad guy now right.
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