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pepsi man has transcended mortals
:iconghostfacenikol: is going to be continuing Pastamonsters~
im letting them in on what was going to happen
so you'll get to see the canonical storyline even if I'm not the one drawing it


ahaha it's been fun drawing pastamonsters i remember starting in 2011 and being so excited to draw a page when i got home from school everyday. but as time progressed i started having other interests getting inspired by other things and  i started feeling differently about what i wanted to create.

My next comic, uh is about horses and unicorns and pegasus. i wouldn't really say MLP because it has none of the MLP cast or storyline in it but they have the cutie butt marks, it's going to be a while for updates since im planning on only uploading one chapter at a time, but even if you dislike mlp this is going to be very very different from what you are expecting.
i hope you enjoy it, even if i won't upload it here, i'll always post links with updates!  
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Though Steve and I have been having our issues, I’m going to cease making posts about him from this point forward.

  • Please cease the death threats to his family.
  • Please cease the cyber bullying. 
  • Please cease the harassment.

What’s done is done.  The knowledge is out there.

Threatening to kill Steve is illegal.  What you are doing can get you locked in jail, and you don’t want to bring that on yourself.

Steve’s family is afraid.  Death threats have been sent not only to Steve, but to his actual family.  Just this morning, they have received 100 death threats.

While I appreciate you defending my honor, it is rumored the judicial system is already involved.  Doing what you’re doing now is overkill.

Guys, this is serious.  His family is terrified.  They are distraught and trying to reach out, and they just want to be left alone.  Steve’s mother is begging for this to stop.

I’m still angry at Steve, but even I do not wish death upon him, or his family.  

Steve and I have a no contact rule established (by his and my mother), and he is allegedly honoring this rule.  Steve’s mother says that if he attempts to contact me in any way, she’s going to step in and stop him.  He is not harassing me, and there is therefore even less reason to be doing this. 

This guy is dangerous. but it would be better if we just report him and move on.

i never encouraged you people to send death threats to him and im very disappointed you all of you 

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I'm Emma.
im just another artist on planet earth.

Icon by :iconradsubmarine:

Im not on here anymore really, my art has moved to tumblr
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meh kit xD
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I was wondering whether you shipped BEN and Jeff for a while, because I have heard somewhere that you ship them.
Then I see the stamp and it appears that you do ship them. ^^
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